Importing a Bank Statement

In Landlord Vision you can use a bank statement to record all of your payments for your expenses and rental income.  This guide covers how to import that statement.  How often you import your bank statements is up to you and will depend on how much work you have to do once you've done the import.

Download the Statement

Before you can import the statement, firstly you have to download it from your bank.

Log on to your internet banking.

Download the data and save it to your computer.

Note that the file must be either QIF (Intuit Quicken), OFX (MS Money) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.  You cannot import PDFs of bank statements into Landlord Vision for the purposes of bank reconciliation.

Log out of your internet banking.

Import the Statement

Log into Landlord Vision (if you have not already done so).

Navigate to Account Manager > Bank Accounts > click on the bank account > Bank Statements tab > Import Bank Statement.

If you have a QIF or OFX file, you can search for your file and upload it here.  There is no need to open the file first.  Now you can begin reconciling your transactions.

Handling CSV files

If you have a CSV file, please download the CSV Import Template and then open it up in a spreadsheet application alongside the CSV file that you have downloaded from your bank.  CSV is an open standard and everyone's template is different, so we need to perform this extra step to help Landlord Vision recognise the data, otherwise it will not import correctly and you will be missing key information.

Paste the columns across accordingly. Only Date and Amount are required, though the Payee and Reference will help you with the reconciliation.  The others are mainly for information purposes.

Date: The date of the transaction.

Amount: The value of the transaction.  Incomes are positive and expenses are negative.

[Payee]: Person or organisation who the transaction was with.

[Description]: Other detail.

[Reference]: The transaction reference as it appears on your bank statement.  This is used as part of the reconciliation process to enable a best fit in the event of otherwise similar transactions (i.e. date and amount are the same).

[Cheque Number]: If applicable.

Save the template as a CSV and import it.  Now you can begin reconciling your transactions.

Alternatively, you can feed your transactions directly into Landlord Vision.  Please see this guide.