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Sync contacts with google Contacts/ Google account

Jack Riggall 4 days ago updated by GU1 Property 3 days ago 1

Move and/or Copy a property from one portfolio to another

Matthew Baker 7 months ago updated by Jack Riggall 4 days ago 5

Billable Expenses

AMARJIT SINGH 1 week ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 4 days ago 1

To be able to adjust the automatic generation of rental invoices

Tracey Dieu 3 years ago updated by Joshua Brown 5 days ago 2

Ability to have full capability and access on mobile app

Awais Poswall 2 years ago updated by Josephine Wolff Metternich 6 days ago 9

Would like open banking for Metro Bank

Sarah Llewellyn 1 week ago 0

Rule Creation for Bank Reconciliation

GR8 Place Ltd 4 weeks ago updated by Accounts 2 weeks ago 1