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Ability to drag and drop PDF flies from Outlook to Landlord Vision Folder

Olivia Popescu 2 years ago updated by GU1 Property 19 hours ago 2
Under review

integration with bank

Daryl Pickthall 3 years ago updated by Cath Hitchin 6 days ago 17

Allow tenants to update contact details via tenant area to sync with Landlord Vision

GU1 Property 3 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 1

Attach photo of individual keys to each key log

Shirley Mason 2 years ago updated by Michelle PEARL 2 weeks ago 2

text messaging intergration

Haroon Siddique 3 years ago updated by GU1 Property 3 weeks ago 13

full list of rent arrears for all tenants on 1 page

Imtiaz Ahmed 3 weeks ago updated by Emmeline Jarvis (1) 3 weeks ago 1

Tenant Referencing

Landlord Vision Admin 3 years ago updated by Graffiti Property Network 3 weeks ago 2

Any way of entering variable mortgage payments quickly - e.g. spreadsheet?

Bernard Bortey 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 2