Email Notifications to Landlords

You can get Landlord Vision to send you daily and weekly summaries about your portfolio including due and overdue rents and other less frequent events like expiring safety certificates and tenancies.

To set up the rules, head to Settings > Email notifications and then press the Add Notification Rule button.

In here you can choose whether to get your information daily or weekly and then choose what information you want from the list.

For example, you might want Landlord Vision to let you know about due tasks, rents and expenses on a daily basis and expiring insurances and safety certificates on a weekly basis. You can simply set up one rule for each digest.

Choose your portfolio to pull the data from and then choose which of the users on the account will receive the digest. You can also add other contacts from your Contacts List if you so choose.

Tick Keep Until Hidden / Paid / Closed to keep sending the same notification until you have dealt with it.  Leaving this unticked means it will only be sent when the Early Warning is triggered or the Due Date is reached.

Press Save and the emails will start coming in at 8am every day or on every Monday morning for the weekly digest. You can set up as many or as few as you like and the notifications that you have set up are to be found on the left hand side of the Email notifications screen. They can be edited later if desired.