Ability to drag and drop PDF flies from Outlook to Landlord Vision Folder

Olivia Popescu 2 years ago updated by GU1 Property 2 months ago 2

We have between and 10 documents on average per tenancy that must be uploaded onto a folder.

At the moment the process involves said documents scanned on to our email, then saved on the desktop, then uploaded on LV.

Having the ability to drag and drop the document would save us a lot of time.


Drag and drop would be really great and is now very common for many website platforms. 

Landlord vision associates documents with contacts, tenancies and properties, but doing so is rather tedious. When a Property, Contact or Tenancy is open, dragging a document onto an "Upload Document" window on the page, would automatically associate it with the open Property, Contact or Tenancy. 

Also having an easy way to change and associate documents to new Properties, Contacts or Tenancies would be really great. 

This is a good idea Steve, it would be useful for me.