Collecting Tenant Rent by Direct Debit

One feature of Landlord Vision is that you can use it to set up Direct Debits from your tenants.  Please see these videos on getting started and running your direct debits:

Please allow four working days from when your Direct Debit Mandate is approved to when the first payment is taken.

You can also change the Direct Debit Mandate from the tenancy.  Add a New Payment Rule and set up a new rent amount from a given date.  You need to make this change at least three working days in advance of any change.  Once a payment has been submitted to BACS it cannot be changed.

Direct Debit Troubleshooting

Why has my Direct Debit Stopped?

The Direct Debit system looks for new invoices that match the previous invoice.  If there aren't any, the DD will stop. This can be caused by one of two reasons:

  • There are no more invoices left in the tenancy because the Expiry Date is approaching and the Rolling Tenancy flag is not enabled.
  • There are no more invoices left on the current payment regime as the rent will change for the next invoice.

Why won't my Direct Debit Start?

Direct Debits can only be used on regular payments, i.e. weekly, monthly, annually.  You cannot use the service for irregular payments or deposits.  Also, they will only begin once the Tenant has completed their part of the mandate.