Using the Property Journal

Landlord Vision contains a fully customisable Property Journal that also links with the Tenancy and Tenant Journals.  You can find it on the Property Manager > Properties > select the property > Property Journal tab.  Once there, press Add Journal Entry to enter some information.  As with the Tenant Journal and the Tasks, you can enter the following information:

Type Select a journal type, or use New Type to create a new one.

Date Enter a date and a Time if you wish.

Description Fill in the details that you wish to record.

Tags You can use tags to keep track of specifics relating to the tasks, so you could assign Plumbing, or Call Out Charge, or anything else you wish to search by to track what types of issues you've been having.

Assign to Contacts You don't need to enter anything into here, but if you do, you will see it on that person's Tenant Journal and you will be able to filter by that person.  If the contact is not a tenant, then you will only be able to use the filter.

Assign to Tenancies You can assign the journal entry to a tenancy so that you can find it there too.  Equally, you can add a journal entry to a tenancy and assign it to a property.

Attach Use this to attach any documents you care to include.