Customising Landlord Vision

Don't like what information is shown on the Portfolio Dashboard?  Or would you rather start with a different screen entirely?  There are a couple of things that you can do to customise the way Landlord Vision works for you, all of which can be found in Settings > Portfolio Dashboard.

Customising the Portfolio Dashboard

Scroll down to Dashboard Settings for Existing Portfolios to configure your display for the first screen you see when you open your portfolio.  Here you can decide which dashboard settings to apply to your portfolios. You may have a different display for each portfolio you have created. If you wish to use the same default settings for all portfolios, simply click on the Edit Default Dashboard Settings button. If you wish to have a different one for each portfolio, hover your cursor over your existing portfolio to bring up the cog icon. Select Edit Settings and un-tick the Use Default Dashboard Settings flag. You can now modify the settings for this particular portfolio.

Changing the Initial Screen

Use the Initial Portfolio Screen option to choose between the Portfolio Dashboard, the Calendar or the Agenda as the first screen you see when you open that portfolio. 

Portfolio Dashboard - shows an overview of the portfolio as it stands at present, based on all of the information that has been entered so far.

Calendar - gives a month by month overview of what is coming up and when.  All of the event types are colour coded for ease of use.

Agenda - gives a day by day breakdown of everything in a list format rather than a grid format.

Portfolio Dashboard Tasks

This allows you to show tasks from a specific date range on the Portfolio Dashboard, rather than all of them if you have a lot to look at.