Tenant Access to Landlord Vision

The Tenant Module creates a new way of increasing communication between landlord and tenant. Reporting repairs, keeping up with changes to the tenancy and sharing important documents are just some of the features available.

Inviting your tenant.  To provide your tenant with access to the Tenant Module, an invite is sent to the tenant via email.

From Tenant Manager, select Tenants to bring up a list of your tenants.

From the settings menu that appears when you highlight your tenant, choose the Invite to Tenant Module option.

You can also remove access to the Tenant Module from this settings menu. 

Dashboard.  The Dashboard is the first screen that your tenant will see on logging in to the tenant module; from here there will appear a brief overview of tenancy status and any overdue or upcoming rental payments.

Tenancy Details.  The Tenancy Details screen will provide your tenants with an overview of the current tenancy. From here we can see an overview of the property and tenancy for your tenant along with a payment schedule.

Property Details. The Property Details screen will show an overview of the current property, including any facilities.

Payment Schedule. The Payment Schedule screen will show your tenant’s Payment Schedule for the lifetime of their tenancy agreement. This screen is filterable with the following options:

  • Show all rents, only fully paid rents and only due rents.
  • Show rents for all tenancies or an individual tenancy.
  • Show rents at any time, until today, from today, for a time period.

Payments.  The Payments screen will list payments made by your tenant. This screen is filterable by time period or all time.

StatementThe Statement of Account will provide details of tenant balances. This screen will list payments made and payments outstanding.

This screen is filterable with the following options:

  • Show rents for all tenancies or an individual tenancy.
  • Show rents for specific time periods.

Documents.  The Documents screen will provide links to any documents that you have shared with your tenant.

Contact LandlordThe Contact Landlord screen will provide your tenant with your main contact details and also provide access to your personal tenant service desk system. Contact details are populated by the information you have entered into Landlord Vision under the Landlord Contact Name.

Tenant Service DeskThe tenant service desk is an area where your tenants are able to leave service calls to the landlord.

The service desk is accessible from the blue Tenant Service Desk logo on your Landlord Vision menu bar.

From the main service desk screen you will be able to view all calls that have been logged and keep track of call status. The service desk offers full search functionality and calls can be filtered by a range of options from call status, priority and caller, etc. Opening any of your calls will give details of the tenant message and any files that have been attached.

Notification of a tenant request.  You will be notified by email of any new messages on the Tenant Service Desk and a number will appear in the blue Tenant Service Desk logo on the Landlord Vision menu bar