Common Problems with E-Signatures

Envelope not sent

This problem manifests itself in two ways.  Either the envelope doesn't send at all and the Status Remains on Draft, or the envelope does send but the Status remains on Waiting for all of the parties.  This is usually a problem with the document being sent, in particular if it is a PDF.  Form fillable PDFs do not go through to processing correctly and get rejected.  To get round this, you need to print the document again so that it is a 'flat' PDF.  To do this, do the following:

Open the PDF from your device

Go to Save As > Print to PDF

Save As Type > PDF file


Now use this new document in a new envelope and it should work this time.

Incorrect email address

If you have put the wrong email address against a party and have sent the envelope out, please contact the Landlord Vision helpdesk and we'll get it changed for you.