Letting Agent Retains a Float

Some letting agents take a float from the first rent to use in the event of unexpected costs.  While there isn't a specific feature for this, there is a way to record them.

For simplicity, we will say that you have received a statement which has a rent with a fee and the float deducted, which may look like this:

Rent: £500

Fees: £60

Float: £200

Amount paid: £240

Record the payment of the rent on the payment schedule and set up the statement.  There is a guide here which covers this.

On the statement will be the rent and the fees.  Now record the payment of £240 to yourself.  There will now be £200 left over at the end of the statement which you can carry over to another statement.  Click Carry Balance Forward to move this balance to another statement.

Image 295

Select the statement you want to move the balance to, usually the next one.  Keep carrying it forward until it is either spent or returned to you.