Tenant login Forum to report maintenance Issues

Lee Barker 3 years ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 3 years ago 2

Tenant login Forum to report maintenance Issues

Those landlords that use full management services do not always see the big picture when it comes to maintenance issues that have been reported to the management company.  Some issues are reported to these agencies but they are not dealt with within reasonable time and sometimes are not dealt with at all.

It would be a great feature if tenants could login to the property in question and report issues via a forum.  (Or post messages).  This would add value to the tenant and the landlord to offer a better services.

Thank you

Hello Lee

We do have a Tenant Module that allows precisely this.  Go to Tenant Manager > Tenants and invite your tenants to the Tenant Module.  There is some more information on that screen about it.  If you have another email address, you could set yourself up as a tenant and test it out for yourself and see what it does and what it looks like. 

Within the Tenant Module is a Contact Landlord section where the tenant can raise tickets against you.  There is a helpdesk within the software that will appear once you start sending out invites

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LV Admin