text messaging intergration

Haroon Siddique 2 years ago updated by James Ross 1 year ago 8

We would like to be able to send SMS messages to tenants. this would be great when we need to remind them of something important or when we can get in touch by phone.

I was just about to post this suggestion. 

It would be great to use as a automated reminder that the rent is due, then another one 7 days later for our forgetful payers. 

This could also work for inspections and update them about maintenance etc 

The text history would need to be saved in the tenant journal or somewhere similar.  

I was also about to suggest this 

When a tenants rent is late all it usually requires is a text.


Would really appreciate this feature. I note that it is available on some of the other landlord applications. Please urgently consider adding this feature.


Agreed: A weekly "Oi, put the bins out!" message to HMO tenants for example!

Smart version would harvest mobile numbers from the tenants contact card and add them to a property group automatically as they become tenants which would save on admin time as well. Viccyverky it would delete the tenant from the SMS group when their tenancy is terminated.

Would really appreciate this as most of our tenants are not your typical email users and we're therefore having to waste our time on phone calls -  or texting tenants personally which creates issues for team working.  I myself, would also prefer text reminders rather than email reminders for most things.

Good idea. We use https://www.textlocal.com for some of this kind of thing and I believe they have an API.


yes please add this feature 

I currently use clicksend as it had a lot of automatic features and the ability to send 1 off messages. If something as useful as this could be integrated then it would make life easier.