Time should also be a feature to at in calendar

Haroon Siddique 3 years ago updated by Paul Darcy 2 years ago 4

Apart from just the date, adding time should be another feature.

Agreed if I add a viewing I should be able to add the time for example. Yes I can type it in, but if I dont add the time first I have to enter the task to view it in notes.



The option to specify time against tasks has been added to our development schedule and will be available soon - next month at the latest.

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We are pleased to announce that this functionality is now live.  You can now add a time to a task and view it in the Calendar, the Task list, the Agenda, the property and even the tenancy.  The property now shows tasks that are not overdue.  Also published:

  • Multiple contacts can be associated with tasks
  • Multiple properties and rooms can be associated with tasks
  • Multiple tenancies can be associated with tasks
  • New and improved task search filters
  • User interface improvements to task management and better indication of open, overdue, and closed tasks 
  • New built-in task types for Property Viewing and Property Maintenance
  • New Android and iOS app updates published, with support for the new task management features 
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Excellent work thanks