Scan or photo receipts/expenses

Clocktower 3 years ago updated by Jane Shaw 2 months ago 10

It would be very handy if i could scan or photo  receipts/expenses and import into the Accounts similar to Tap1.


It would be brilliant if i could scan a receipt and the receipt details goes direct into my portfolio accounts. 

This function is available with other accounting software =  Tap 1 and Quickbooks


or a link to receipt bank so that you could import expenses...


a link to receipt bank would be excellent

Unsure if you are talking about the app or if this before it was available on the web -but having this facility in app would make life a lot easier!!

definitely -would be very advantageous 


Integration with ReceiptBank would be very helpful. 

upload images of work done by contractors to verify the quality of work done

It would be great to store copies of all expense invoices here. No large paper files to retain.


Hi all

As some of you may have seen, we have now launched our Receipt Scanning Service. Upload your receipts in Property Manager > Scanned Receipts and begin creating your expenses


Can this be added to the app also?