Email multiple recipients at same time

Angela Richardson 2 years ago updated by Tam Meric 2 weeks ago 6

It would be good to be able select more than one recipient in the mail merge field so you could send the same email to multiple recipients.

For example where you have a HMO property and you need to send a email to all Tenants, such as notice of communal cleaning etc.


I really wish that I had this facility as it would save me so much time.


This is absolutely essential for HMO properties and completely agree with all other statements above.


When I want to send an email to multiple tenants about a single tenancy matter, I have to send multiple emails which takes more time, and the recipients are not aware that multiple recipients (other than just them) have received the email.  So, I think this feature should certainly be added for a better and more efficient user experience.


This is URGENT and essential.


I've just emailed all my tenants with the updated How to Rent Guide.  I exported all active tenants contact details to excel, then copied and pasted into my email client.  This feels like something that Landlord Vision could do.  The proviso would also be that some sort of proof of emailing would also be required.

I would like to email the local authority about a council tax liability change and cc all the tenants at the property.

I'd also like to email all the tenants in the block about fire alarm and similar announcements. 

LV should really enable this, not only will it make the whole process muck quicker, but will also keep a vital log for future reference.