Aged Debtors & Aged Creditors

Kailash Daswani 3 years ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 8 months ago 7 2 duplicates


If one forgets to print reports say at financial end, and require to pull out status as at a specified date to show what was outstanding as at that date, this is not possible, this feature is good for accounting and audit requirements.

Similarly it would be good to include a Vendors statement of account option just as statement of account you have for tenant.


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Aged creditors and debtors with totals for each and grand total

I agree.  This would be really helpful.

For accountants it would be handy to be able to print as at the year end with the option to include/exclude after date receipts/payments as in sage line 50.

As well as this, it would be good to age debtors by period. i.e. current, July, June, May, older than 3 months



Thank you to everyone who requested this feature.  We have now launched the Aged Payables and Aged Receivables reports.  Please head to Reports > All Reports > Accounting Reports to use them

Kind regards