User Role - Read Only

Kailash Daswani 3 years ago updated by Imran Shaikh 1 year ago 4


A good feature would be to allow users, such as other directors, partners, family members, including auditors two produce accounts so that they have access to all areas, but on read only basis.  


I have requested this in the past but was told it was not possible. It seems like an obvious feature to offer and one that a lot of users would find useful

Agreed, this would be a very useful feature, simply disable the "edit" buttons.

Hi, just following up on this.  It would be a very good feature to have.  Hope this is being looked into. 

Voted - I think this is a very important feature. I'd like to give my accountant visibility for everything however I do NOT see the need for them to have full access to ALL Modules....