Manage cashflow by listing the Upcoming Payments tab in order of when payments due

George Wright 3 years ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 3 years ago 1

At the moment the Upcoming Payments tab is not very helpful at discerning when the next rent payments are due in. The payments aren't in any discernible order, and to check when the next payment is due you have to click the arrow next to each tenancy.

It would be helpful to be able to order these by Due Date, so you can see the soonest payment first, the next one and so on.

It would also be useful to edit the “next 30 days” to whichever number of days you want (at the moment you have to go into the portfolios master settings to change this).

Hello George,

Thank you for your suggestion. You would probably want to try the Upcoming Rents report instead - please go to Reports/All Reports/Tenant Reports/Upcoming Rents. There's also an option to change the number of days on that report.

Kind Regards,