Add Commercial Property Lease Capability

Richard Hurd 11 months ago • updated by Alice Heath 1 month ago 3

Many property portfolios have a mix of residential and commercial/retail properties, so it would be really useful if LV was able to properly handle commercial leases and the different rental payment dates.

Please look to add commercial properties in the software. I am a tad apprehensive to sign up as my company portfolio contains both commercial and residential.

I have some shops on tenancies where by rents are due on the quarter days. I can't see how to set these up and have the correct rental periods appear on the invoices other than creating recurring invoices for each of the quarters, recurring annually.

It would be great if there was simply a drop down option of the standard "quarter days" when setting up tenancies. These would be:

24 June - 28 September

29 September to 24 December

25 December - 24 March

25 March - 23 June

And log VAT in a separate report for when we're doing our accounts. Thanks!