Contact Type should have more features

Hilary Gayle 2 years ago 0

The options are limited with no option to add your own “Contract Type”.  Bear in mind that contacts are displayed by name and contact type only, therefore a limited contact type is unhelpful as a search displays multiple contacts with the same name and type which currently does not show the  individuals working for that company until when you go into the record which could take time if you display multiple entries.  To give an example:  managing agent is added 3 times as (1) the company,  (2) Property Manager, and (3) Property Assistant.  They cannot be listed together under one record as there is no option to add people or departments with their own record/details.  It could be improved by adding a feature to include various entries under one main contact then a search can be executed under name, contact type or function, etc.  You should also be able to dial or email from the sub-contacts’ record/entry.  Alternatively, individual contacts could be linked to the main contact so that if you forgot that other contacts are available, you can see them on a search result.  For instance, if I searched for my managing agent company, I should be able to see that there is also an entry for a property manager and an assistant and also accounts department, etc.  I hope that helps.