Journal Entries for Main Buildings / Blocks of Flats

Stephen Young 2 years ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 2 years ago 3

Journal Entries for Main Buildings / Blocks of Flats such as a property record for insurance claims for Fire / Malicious damage / communal areas / parking issues etc

Agreed - We would like a journal type record for the miscellaneous parts of Property Management.

The easiest way to do this is to have a completely new tab for each property of which the page can have multiple customised record keeping sections. For example we would like to record our weekly & monthly fire test alarms and store this information relatively. On the same page we also might want to record each monthly meter read or add a weekly inspection notes section for the property? 

By adding the ability for a completely customisation-able page this allows nearly any piece of information each Landlord or Agent deems as "important" to be recorded without the Landlord Vision Team creating a new specific tab for each new suggestion. 

Hopefully this will make record keeping a lot more customised, easy to use and ultimately will save LV tech team a lot of time.



We have now launched the Property Journal and you can find this in Property Manager > Properties > open the property > Property Journal tab.  You can define your own Journal Type and Tags and filter by these allowing you to fully customise your journal to show the information you need to show

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