Email a reminder invoice directly from Overdue Payments entry on dashboard

Marzena Bragiel 4 years ago updated by Phil Coyle 1 year ago 3 2 duplicates

In a Portfolio dashboard, to be able to email a tenant directly to chase up payment for an overdue invoice instead of having to go into Tenant Manager.

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Great idea would be really helpful


Totally agree with this as it's what modern CRM software is all about. Most accounting software has this function these days as it's a menial task that takes a lot of time so needs to be automated.

It should at least be an option in the Tenancy Settings for those who want it, and the email should list all overdue invoice amounts, how long they are overdue in days and show a total balance due (basically, an automatically emailed .pdf of the Overdue Rents and Charges Report). The emails could be stored in Tenant Manager>Mail Merge>Sent Mail and Tenant Service Desk as proof that the Landlord has informed the tenants of the rental position in case disputes go legal 

I understand that the developers might be concerned about reminders being sent out to tenants who have already paid but the Landlord has not updated their accounts, but that is down to the landlords poor record keeping, not poor software, and it would be up to those Landlords to address and explain the reminders to the tenant.

Green thumb this suggestion if you want to save yourself a lot of hassle!!!!! 

Great idea, especially if you had the option to automate it.