Address details for maintenance tasks

Stephen Young 2 years ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 1 year ago 4

When creating a task, no property details are shown on a job sheet although added to that property.

Have to manually input address in the comment section for workmen to see where the task is allocated

Under review

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your feedback. Can you please tell us if by job sheet you are referring to the printed task list, exported task list or the email reminder which is sent to the selected contacts?

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Hi Nick, 

Firstly, when creating a task you can't print it until you save, then go back into tasks and locate the one you want, then once it's located then you have the option to print.

Secondly, the email reminder doesn't have an address unless you input in the comments section.

The address only displays once printed or exported?

It would be fab if, when a task is created, all relevant contact details are attached to it so the recipient (our handymen) can see where they are going and how to contact the tenant. Also, the message to our staff should be different to the one the tenant sees. Perhaps a template that goes out to tenants saying it's in progress. I don't like my tenants being able to see the indepth details to my staff. Thanks!



It is now possible to create worksheets for tasks and email them.  These contain much of the information required, although they are not currently emailed automatically.  You can find the worksheet on the cog icon menu on any of the Tasks pages

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