ability to import where ever there is the ability to export?

Jo James 2 years ago updated by Diverse Lets 1 year ago 1

ability to import where ever there is the ability to export?

Yes, this would be a really useful feature. Export the data, make edits to the data, re-import the data - over-writing with the new values. 

At present, to me it's a little 'crazy', for example, that you can export properties and tenancies to Excel, but to import the same (say into a new portfolio) you have to totally rearrange the data to match a completely different format spreadsheet. This is in the Portfolios tab - using the 'Import Properties and Tenancies from a CSV File' button. 

Would be lovely if we could export from one portfolio, edit some data values if we wanted to, and import into either same portfolio or another portfolio without changing the layout of the data. 

This would give you the ability to:

  • MOVE properties/tenancies from one portfolio to another (you could also export/import chart of accounts to keep it matching)
  • REPLICATE / UPDATE en-mass the data across a selection of properties rather than have to input data which is essentially the same for multiple properties, e.g. tenant welcome pack information such as the Refuse Bin Collections where it's the same for all properties in the same local authority area (and keep up to date when it changes) . 
  • DUPLICATE property details, for example, when you purchase several flats in a block.