Right to rent support

David Rose 1 year ago 0

At the moment to correctly record right to rent info I have to
1. Log the details of the tenants ID under identification
2. Upload a copy of the scans of their ID to Documents
3. Record the expiry/recheck date in the Calendar.

So three process, all of which are unlinked, so I'm relying on my brain to remember that these three things are all linked together. Seeing how R2R is such an integral part of any tenancy (and carries such a horrendous penalty if wrong)  I'd like to see a specific section, where I can, in one action, record what the ID is and that it conforms to R2R rules (so may be more than one document), upload those documents and attach them to the R2R object. Record whether the R2R has an expiry date (i.e if the tenants permission to rent in the UK has a time limit) and if it does, schedule a recheck in either a year or when the permission to rent in the UK expires.