'Create Similar' for Expenses

Kate Thackery 1 year ago updated 9 months ago 6

Sometimes expenses that come through are not regularly repeated or identical but are very similar. It would be great to be able to click on an expense and have the option to 'create similar' to essentially replicate the expense but allow fields to be amended where required.

This is still something that I find myself needing on at least a weekly basis. Any updates on this? Should be very simple to implement?

I agree, I need to use this every single time I log on. It would be SO SO useful!

Looks like we're not getting much traction on this I'm afraid!

Yeah, its such a shame because I manage properties in the same building which have the same service charges and I waste so much time creating expense entries for EACH property that are identical except for the property. It drives me mad, particularly when it would be such a simple feature to create. 

Would it work by creating one expense and then allocating portions of the total to the various properties from within that expense?

Interesting, I will experiment. Thanks for the suggestion