Simplification for a "cash" landlord!

Keith Rodgerson 1 year ago 0

Dear Landlord vision.  I am fairly intelligent and have used Quicken/ Quickbooks, ibank/ banktivity and spreadsheets for keeping accounts over the past 30 years but I have to say that I've found Landlord vision very counter intuitive for keeping simple rental accounts.  Although your support is excellent and helpful,  what I really need is a programme into which I can enter rents (when received) and expenses (when paid) with an autofill function for company and tenant names.   Can I suggest two tabs that would make this work without tying my brain in knots.    One is for rents received ..The other is for expenses paid. These should lead directly to the page to enter them into.   You also need a simple way to enter the opening account balance for the start of using the programme and the start of each financial year. It would also help if there was a search box on the home page. With digital tax coming, many more landlords with a simple portfolio will need a SIMPLE TO OPERATE programme but I'm afraid that landlord vision isn't the one ....yet!   Or perhaps it's only me!!