Self service - Applicant portal

Tobi Jegede 1 year ago updated by felix adjekum and Margarette A 9 months ago 5 3 duplicates

It would be great if you had a url or portal link which could be sent to potential applicants to store their details and also ask them initial screening questions.

The idea to to expand the scope of the system to better cover the end to end interaction with the tenant from before the tenancy

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I don't know if this helps, but "LetsSafe" do have "Express" or "Complete" reference checks, and the possibility of API integration.

Would definitely be a useful facility to have within the system though.


E signatures are a great idea but if we can go a step further and be able to send documents like tenancy application forms which can be filled online and sent back to landlord vision then it would greatly help our cause.

I hope someone is reading

I can see that there is a tenant applicable form in the tenant area, but this just loads uptown a new page to print out. It would be great if this page could be emailed to a potential tenant and they could fill this out online do easy to import into LV if we take on the tenant.

Hi Please look into integrating 'Vouch referencing' into the landlord vision system enabling a smooth transaction of tenant information, checks on tenants etc to be transfer into your systems. This will make things a lot easier when operating your systems in my opinion. Spoke to Roy on this and he agreed with the benefit it could have for users.

Good idea! This would be very useful for me as well.