Respect/Remember last display order

JAG Property Investments 10 months ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 10 months ago 2

You remember last used search items when looking through Expenses/Payments lists.
Please remember respect the sort order last selected for such displays.

EG I prefer seing newest transactions at the top, as they are the ;likely ones I need to deal with, not ones over 2 years old.?
Yet every time I go into Expenses/Payments I have to reselect the due date as descending.



Thank you very much for the prompt assessment and amendment.
I am sure this will be useful to a lot of LV users?

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I couldn’t agree more.. 👍🏻



Thank you for your suggestion

Rather than saving the searches, we've adjusted many of the screens so that they now show the newest data at the top rather than the oldest.  Now you'll see your most recent transactions when opening the following screens:

Property Manager > Expenses (by Date)
Property Manager > Income (by Date)
Property Manager > Payments
Finance Manager > Mortgages and Loans
Finance Manager > Payments
Account Manager > Journals
Document Manager > Documents
Tenant Manager -> Invoices (descending by Date)
Tenant Manager -> Statements (descending by Date)
Tenant Manager -> Agent Fees (descending by Date) 

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