Dashboard should include landlord's yet-to-be-paid expenses

Alexandros Mandilaras 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 2

When I enter a one-off expense, which I haven't paid off yet, I would like to see it on the dashboard in the same way I see forthcoming repeating expenses or at least be given the choice to add it there manually. Alternatively, the option to turn the payment into a property task with the availability of reminders would be nice.

The only current alternative that I can see in order to have all forthcoming payments visible in one place is to make Calendar the landing page. But I prefer the Dashboard, as it features additional information about the portfolio.

Thank you for considering!


Landlord Vision already does this.  Please try again and if you are having issues, raise a ticket in the Help section or send an email with more details to support@landlordvision.co.uk and we'll investigate this further

Kind regards


Thank you – you are right.