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integration with bank

Daryl Pickthall 3 years ago updated by Ravit Markus 1 month ago 10

It would save a fair amount of time to have a system where you link to your bank and refresh the transactions. This saves you from logging in, downloading as csv then uploading again.

This system is in use with Waveapps and I think that 3rd parties offer it as a chargeable integration.


Yes I am looking for this feature as it would be a timesaver


This is a nice idea, but the security implications are horrendous.  

Firstly you are giving your bank security details (password, pin etc) to a third party.  Are you happy that they can keep those details secure?

Secondly, the banks in the UK will not allow third party access to their systems.  

I use You Need A Budget, and that has a bank feed facility, but the security on the NatWest means it doesn't work most of the time.

The only way (as far as I know) to get a bank feed to work is to "screen scrape" - they automatically log in the same way as you would, fill in your security details, and download transactions same as you.  In other words, there is no "back door" access that other applications can use to download transactions.


This would be a game changer if we can get bank integration, just imagine waking up in the morning coming into the office logging into you Landlord vision and at your portfolio dashboard are all recent incoming rents popping up, it would make life much easier, no more constantly checking bank account if rents are in, no more adding payments manually, you will just have confirm the pop up payment is for the suggested tenant and all done.

And with regards to one of the users below concern about security, i would say if Quickbooks is ok with it we can also do it.

Finally to the Landlord vision programmers and manager please get this done as soon as possible as it will be a real game changer.


Regards to all of you


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this topic so far.  We are researching the available options and upcoming Open Banking APIs to determine the feasibility and cost of implementation.  We will not consider screen scraping for the reasons outlined in this thread

If you are looking for a way to have all of your rents automatically registered in the system, please consider our direct debit facility.  We partner with GoCardless to allow you to set up a DD mandate with your tenant and then collect the rents.  This will also update the Payment Schedule for you as well so when you arrive in the morning all the rents will be in the system and updated

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In addition to recording rental income, this would be a great way of capturing and recording expenses. It would need to link to multiple bank accounts and  credit cards.


This feature is a must. Please add.


This feature would make life a lot easier and I would expect it in the near future. I use xero accounting for my other business and they have had this for a few years already

Kashflow also offers this facility.  It works really well.

If you could allow paying all expenses via your website and then log all those expenses automatically it would be a game changer as it would save hours of uploading receipts to your website.

I've been also using Plentific a maintenance software - in that website you place a float with a 3rd party vendor( in their case mangopay) - you add funds to your personal mangopay account - and can pay with those funds any of the vendors Plentific are affiliated with. But Plentific does the heavy lifting of the paperwork. They generate and record  invoices, receipts and later log  all those expenses and allow the user to get full detail charts of expenses.

One of the hardest things in property management is to keep track of all the payments done to endless vendors  and the paperwork associated with it and so if your website could help with that by eliminating the need to upload and later fill in details about each and every invoice and/or receipt- it would be truly remarkable for your users.