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Darshana 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5 2 duplicates

When reconciling is it possible to just see the month we want to reconcile and not the all the months

eg april 2017 only and not May 2017

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Hi Darshana

Do you mean the complete statement list on the Reconcile page or the list of available transactions when you are searching for a match manually?  With the former you would just import the April bank statement as the Reconcile page pulls everything through from the imported bank statements.  With the latter you can set current month or previous month (as well as defining a range) in the Time Period search box

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In the Reconcile page I only want to be able to put dates ie for April 2017. As I am trying to sort out a back log from 2016 I dont want to go through all the months at once. I only want to reconcile for 2017 now ad work back wards


I think this is similar to a feature I was going to request. I would like to be able to sort by date (start date, end date) on the bank accounts > bank statements tab so i can easily see the latest date of the last imported statement. 

Any update on this as my system hangs before I scroll down to my latest Statement??

Would be good if we could filter by date or by similarity from the name. Also load everything instead never reaching the end of the statements.