Attachment logo beside expenses

Gulnaz Iqbal 3 years ago updated by Landlord Vision Admin 10 months ago 3

When going through past expenses etc it would be nice to see if there is an attached receipt without having to click into the individual item. This would make it easier to locate any missing files.

This was marked as planned more than two years ago, and seems would be a simple and invaluable feature to have. When is it "planned" for?



Thank you everyone who voted for this.  There is now a logo on Property Manager > Expenses which shows you if you have an attachment.  The following screens have also been updated:

- Property Manager > Other Income

- Tenant Manager > Invoices

- Tenant Manager > Agent Fees -> Agent Statements

- Finance Manager > Mortgages/Loans -> Mortgage/Loan -> Fees & Charges

For PDF and image files the icon image should open the document in a new window.

For other file types the icon image should download the file. 

Kind regards