Smoke Alarms

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A function many landlords may find useful would be to record details of
smoke and Co alarms within their properties. A smoke/co alarm has an
effective life normally of around 10 years after which they need to be
replaced (the manufacturer will normally print the replacement date on
the unit) this could be set as an early warning event and calendar
entry. Additional information that could be recorded

Location: Property/Room

Make & Model

Date installed

Replacement Date

Type: Smoke/Co

Power: Wired/Battery/Both

Battery Type: 9v/AA

Date battery replaced

Date Tested

Date tested could be expanded to include a historical log of testing dates.



We have now done the following:

Property Manager > Properties > Property > Main Information > Facilities - add 'CO Alarms' after 'Smoke Alarms' with an option to enter the number of CO alarms. The information about the CO alarms, if any, should also appear on the Welcome Pack report under the 'Property Details' section. 

Tenant Manager/Tenancies/Tenancy/Check-in List - we've added a section called 'Alarm Checks' after 'Safety Certificates' with the following check boxes: 

- Smoke Alarms Tested: Yes/No

- CO Alarms Tested: Yes/No 

Note: The actual tests will be recorded as property tasks in Property Manager against the relevant property. 

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