How to Create a Subscription

Creating a subscription for your Landlord Vision account is really easy.  Once logged in to your account, head to Account > Upgrade and then select the payment plan that you wish to go for.  Please note that only the Account Owner can make changes to the subscription (and also change users) so if there is more than one of you, make sure that the Account Owner is someone who will be available to make the changes when required.

Plans are based on the number of concurrent active tenancies you have and are sold in blocks of 10, so if you have nine tenancies, you will require the Premium Plan, if you have 47 then you will need the plan for up to 50 tenancies.  We also have an up to three plan and an up to six plan for those with smaller portfolios.  You need to create an account before you can create a subscription for it.  You can see a pricing list here:

Invoices are emailed out around a month after payment has been received