How Landlord Vision Uses Tenant Invoices

At the end of the Create / Edit Tenancy wizard is the Invoices section where you can customise how the software works for you in terms of invoicing.  Landlord Vision uses invoices to track arrears and for the purposes of its inbuilt accounting engine.  You can allocate payments to invoices and they can also be sent to your tenants as a reminder if you so choose.

The following options are available:

Automatically Create Invoices: Leave this box ticked if you want to track arrears or want to provide invoices to your tenant.  Please note that enabling this option does not automatically send invoices to your tenant, there is a separate tickbox for that further down.

Untick this box if you do not want to be reminded that a tenant hasn't paid and intend to mark their payments only from the bank reconciliation page.

Days Before Due Date To Create Invoices: If you are sending your invoices, you can use this setting to determine how far in advance they are created so that when they are sent out your tenant can have a few days to get the money together to pay their rent.

Automatically Email Invoices to Tenants: Select this box to send the invoice to the tenant automatically on the day it is created.  This date comes from the Due Date and the tickbox above regarding how many days before the due date the invoices are created.

*Note.  The first invoice is not sent automatically to give you the chance to review it for accuracy and make any changes before it is sent. Please see this guide before sending out invoices.

Payment Instructions: Add your bank details and any other information you may wish to provide to the bottom of the invoice.  More detail can be found here.