Letting Agent Statements

Please read the following guides if you haven't already done so:

Configuring a tenancy for a letting agent

Adding letting agent payments

Once you have performed the above actions, you will now have a letting agent statement using the reference you entered when creating the payment. To view it, go to Tenant Manager > Agents Fees and select the statement.

Image 8

Here you can see all the payments that the tenant has made, and all of the charges that the Letting Agent has made as per the tenancy set-up. At the bottom, the Total Due amount shows how much the Letting Agent owes to the Landlord and this should match the statement provided by the agent.

You can carry some or all of a balance to another statement, say if you are creating lots of statements to match a single large statement from the agent, or simply if the agent has held an amount owing to the next statement.

To delete entries off a statement that has yet to be paid, click on Edit Statement and then on the X that appears at the end of each line before saving the changes. To delete entries off a statement that has been paid, first delete the payment allocated to the statement either by hovering your cursor over the word Payment in blue on the statement and then clicking on the red dustbin that appears, or by going to Tenant Manager > Payments > Letting Agent to Landlord tab. Click on Edit Statement and then on the X that appears at the end of the line, before saving your changes. You can then re-record the payment.

To add other fees, please follow this link.