Adding Fees and Expenses Paid on Behalf of the Landlord

If the agent pays for something on your behalf, be it a repair, inventory fee or even council tax, you can use the agent statement to document this. You can also add further fees that the agent has added to their statement.

Firstly, please check the following guides before doing this:

Go to Tenant Manager > Agent Fees > Agent Fees tab.

*Note that there are two buttons with the same name; you'll need to press both of them to end up here.

Image 9

Now press Add Agent Fee.

Remember to ensure that the statement you select is the one you have already created if you want to add this to an existing statement.

If the additional fees are more than the rent, the statement will go negative and the software will show that you owe the agent money.  In this case you have two options:

1) If you paid the agent money, click Add Refund to show a payment going from your bank account to the agent to clear the balance.  Or

2) If your agent held on to the debt and deducted it from a later statement, click Carry Balance Forward to move the balance to another statement.

To add regular agent fees, please see this guide Configure a tenancy for a letting agent.