Finance Reports

Landlord Vision's Finance Reports pertain to the Finance Manager and to the mortgages and loans that you have entered into the system. In other words, whenever you have taken out finance.

Broker Summary

The Mortgage Broker Summary gives you a rundown of all of your properties, how much they are worth (according to the last valuation - Landlord Vision makes no further calculations based on market conditions), how much finance is left on the property, the equity and then the rental yield.  This report allows you get an idea of how much more finance you could take on a property, how much you have left to pay off and how well it is performing against any criteria you may have been set by your lender.

You can also use the Monthly Rental Income column to check that you are charging tenants and LHAs correctly to get up to the required rent, especially if the LHA is paying every four weeks and the tenant is paying monthly.

Mortgage Analyser

This report gives you an overview of how your mortgages are performing for each property.