Deposit Paid by Tenant to Landlord

Once you have set up your tenancy, you can then enter the deposit.

Please go to Tenant Manager > Tenancies > Select your tenancy > Manage Deposit > Enter the details.

If this is an insurance based deposit

Select Insurance-based from the Type of Scheme drop down box.

Select the Deposit Organisation name.

Landlord Vision by default will put this against the Tenant Deposits Liability Account. There is no need to change this but if you wish to, then do it here.

Enter the Date and the Amount.

Press Save.

Record the payment by clicking on Deposit Received from Tenant > Add Payment. The Amount field will pre-populate with what the deposit amount is. If you received this in more than one payment, simply reduce this amount and add more payments to get to the total.

Fill in the details and press Save.

Click the Back button to return to the deposits screen.

Now tick Deposit Protected and enter the Date and Reference if you have it. You will not be able to show the deposit as returned until you have done this.

If this is a custodial deposit

Follow the details above but this time select Custodial.

Once the payment has been added then the Deposit Forwarded to Custodian box will appear. Tick this and fill out the details. Again, Landlord Vision will default to a Custodian account and you can change this if you wish but otherwise there is no need to. Fill in the rest of the details and click Save. You won't be able to show the deposit as being returned to the tenant until you have completed this step.

If you kept the deposit yourself

Simply select Non-AST from the Type of Scheme drop down box and fill in the rest of the information. This mostly applies to historical tenancies as you should be protecting the deposit now by law.