Entering a Deposit that the Letting Agent has Sent to the Custodian (DPS)

Landlord Vision assumes that the deposit will go to the custodian from the landlord. If your letting agent is doing it for you then you need to record it using this workaround:

Create the Tenancy if you have not done so already.

Start at Tenant Manager > Tenancies > Select your tenancy > Manage Deposit > Enter the details. Be sure to set the Type of Scheme to Custodial.

Click Deposit Received from Tenant and then Add Payment to show that the deposit has been received.

You can see this in Tenant Manager > Payments > Tenant to Landlord tab.

Back in the Manage Deposit section, tick the Deposit Forwarded to Custodian flag which has just appeared and enter the details.

You can see this in Tenant Manager > Payments > Landlord to Custodian tab and also both payments will appear in the bank account. However, the net effect of the two transactions will be £0. Please use the ad-hoc reconciliation option to reconcile the two bank account transactions.