Managing Contacts

Under Contacts you can keep a note of all the people that are connected with your portfolios i.e. tenants, landlords, mortgage providers, maintenance companies, service suppliers and deposit schemes.

To add someone to your contacts’ list, click on the Add Contact button. 

To make a quick profile, simply complete the Contact Name field  and select the Contact Types before clicking on Save.

To enter a full profile, enter as much of the other fields as required and click on Save.

To add a photograph or logo for the person or company, click on the pencil icon and navigate to where you have the images saved on your machine.

To change the photograph/logo, click back onto the pencil icon and navigate to the new image.

To remove the photograph/logo altogether, click on the X icon that appears at the top right hand corner of the picture. Save the changes.

If you record the company a person works for in the Organisation field, then Landlord Vision will replace the contact name with this.  If you want to show who a tenant works for, enter this on the Tenant Occupation tab rather than the Main Contact Details tab.

Contact Type

Within the ‘Contacts’ section, you can see a series of tabs for each category of contact.  As you enter your contacts, you will be able to allocate them to one of these categories to make it easier to locate them in future.  Also, each contact type pertains to a different part of the software.

Landlords: Assign portfolios to these.  Also, the landlords are the first options for sending email notifications to.

Tenants: You can assign tenants to tenancies.  Please note that you must create your tenants from within the Tenant Manager so that you can assign them to a tenancy.

Letting Agents: If you use a letting agent for your tenancies, use this contact type so that you can select them when setting up your tenancies.

LHA Authorities: If you receive housing benefit from a council or a housing authority, set the contact as an LHA Authority so that you can record their rental contributions.

Guarantors: Use this contact type to make your contacts available in the Guarantors section of the tenancy and also on the AST.

Deposit Organisations: This contact is for recording the agencies that look after your tenancy deposits.

Suppliers: Anyone you've ever bought something off needs to be assigned as a supplier so that you can record expenses against them.

Finance Providers: These are the companies who are lending you money and should be entered into the Finance Manager.

Others: If you have created any custom contact types, you will find them in here.