White Labelling the Tenant Module

If you are a company and you would rather the Tenant Module contained your branding rather than Landlord Vision's, you can set this up.  You can also make the emails come from your address rather than ours.  Go to Settings > White Label Tenant Module > Create Branding Set and begin uploading your images.  Give the Branding Set a name and press Save.

Once you have your Branding Set (a selection of images and logos that will appear on the Tenant Module) you then need to assign it to one or more portfolios.  Click on the portfolio name that you want to assign the branding Set to and fill in the details.

Branding Set: the set of images you have just set up.

Tenant Module Domain Name: In here you need to add what is known as a CNAME DNS record.  Your IT manager should be able to assist with this.  If you don't have one, please follow the next bit carefully.

You will have a domain that you set up for your business that will also have an email address.  We'll call the website www.domain.com and the email address info@domain.com for the purposes of this example:

Log into your DNS Manager and create a CNAME record tenant.domain.com.  Map this to tenant.landlordvision.co.uk.  This is the webpage that the tenants log into the Tenant Module from.

Enter tenant.domain.com (or rather your equivalent) into the Tenant Module Domain Name field.

Outgoing Email Address: Enter the email address (eg info@domain.com) that the Tenant Module request emails will be sent from, rather than them appearing to come from us.

You will need to contact us to verify the domain name and email address on our side before you can start adding tenants.