Deleting All of your Data

It may be that you have made a colossal mistake in the entering of your data, or it could be that you have been entering test data which you now want to remove before you enter the real information.  Either way, you have a large amount of data that you want to clear from your account.  There are two ways of doing this:

1. Manually Deleting Data

  1. Delete the payments from Tenant Manager > Payments using the tick boxes.
  2. Delete the Tenancies from Tenant Manager > Tenancies.
  3. Delete the Properties from Property Manager > Properties.
  4. Then you can delete the portfolio from the Portfolios screen.
You can stop at any point once you have only good data left and start entering data again.  You can delete data from the Finance Manager and Property Manager > Expenses at any time.

2. Account Wiped
Alternatively, if you'd rather have a completely clean slate, please contact us and we will wipe your account completely clean.