Deposit Paid by the Tenant to the Letting Agent Who Then Passed it on to the Landlord

Before you start, ensure that you have enabled the tenancy for a letting agent.

Click on Manage Deposit > enter the details and select Deposit paid to letting agent.

Click Deposit Received from Tenant and then Add Payment to show that the deposit has been received. Enter the Letting Agent’s statement reference in the Statement field.

You can see this in Tenant Manager > Payments > Tenant to Letting Agent tab.

Still in Payments, select the Letting Agent to Landlord tab > Add Payment and enter the details of how much the Letting Agent has passed on (minus their fee if necessary). Make sure that the money is allocated to the right statement if there is more than one to choose from. It is recommended to enter an identifier in the notes as the statement reference does not appear on the Payments screen.