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I need to send an email to all my tenants.  LV seems to have 99% of the functionality to do this, but it seems you can only select one recipient at a time.   Bad design.   You should be able to build a list of recipients, select the template and send.

This is a nice idea, but the security implications are horrendous.  

Firstly you are giving your bank security details (password, pin etc) to a third party.  Are you happy that they can keep those details secure?

Secondly, the banks in the UK will not allow third party access to their systems.  

I use You Need A Budget, and that has a bank feed facility, but the security on the NatWest means it doesn't work most of the time.

The only way (as far as I know) to get a bank feed to work is to "screen scrape" - they automatically log in the same way as you would, fill in your security details, and download transactions same as you.  In other words, there is no "back door" access that other applications can use to download transactions.