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This is still an issue for us, we don't wish to leave landlord vision. 

It would be great if we could manage landlords properties from landlord vision. 

i know you have a desktop version, are there any planes to bring this into the cloud

kind regards


I was just about to post this suggestion. 

It would be great to use as a automated reminder that the rent is due, then another one 7 days later for our forgetful payers. 

This could also work for inspections and update them about maintenance etc 

The text history would need to be saved in the tenant journal or somewhere similar.  

I would also like to add, it would be great if we could send a text message reminder 1 hour before the viewing with the address. 
Happy to pay for credits for the texts. 

Hi Rajiv, 
When you to into a tenancy, if the tenants email has been imputed, it should say enable direct debit. 

This will then send the tenant a link to set it up. 

Hope this helps. 

We put them in as a expiring insurance, and in the reference write rent increase due, same for inspections, its not ideal but its our way around.

i thought it did? I thought you could add multiple keys by clicking add keys each time?