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I would like to add to this by asking if such property related documents (EPC's, manuals, safety certificates etc.) can automatically be seen by the relevant tenants at that property. Currently, tenants have to be picked and added individually from the "assign to contacts tab". This process has to be repeated every time a new tenant comes along.

I would like to email the local authority about a council tax liability change and cc all the tenants at the property.

I'd also like to email all the tenants in the block about fire alarm and similar announcements. 

LV should really enable this, not only will it make the whole process muck quicker, but will also keep a vital log for future reference.

Yes, this would be a good feature, especially for leasehold properties that may require a renewal or extension of the lease.

Hi there,

I too would like to see a meter readings tab at the property level. Is there an ETA for this as it looks like it should be there by now?

Hi Roy,

Thanks for pointing this out. I should have seen it myself.

However, rather then going back to the relevant Documents tab and picking out the invoice from among the many other uploaded documents, it would be great to have a direct link to the PDF itself in the "View Expense" screen.