Landlord Vision's Workflows

Landlord Vision now has a series of brief workflows to help guide you in getting the most out of the software.  Any new account will be taken straight into them and they serve as a means to introduce you to the software and show you where to enter your data to get what you want out of it.  The four quick guides are:

Manage my finances and generate an income tax report

Track tenant rents and see who is in arrears

Create and manage legal and other documents

Manage my properties, set up tasks and alerts

If you haven't seen this yet and would like to use it, or you were using it and then closed it, simply go to Help > Follow the Landlord Vision Workflows.  You will be taken to the Portfolio Dashboard where the workflows will begin.  Workflows are still available after you have completed one of them and just because you have picked one doesn't mean the software will only do that workflow.